Selectable layers

Finally, it’s done. Thanks to some hints in the source code of Jokosher I was able to implement selectable layers in PiTiVi.
The problem is that some widgets in Gtk+ don’t have gdk screens. This means that you can not change their background color, which is a really important thing for showing if a layer is selected or not.

The solution for this problem is to derive the widget from EventBox. This gives the possibility to modify the background using the modify_bg(…) function.

Based on that work I was able to implement proper selectable layers. So if you click on a layer control widget or a
layer in the canvas now, the layer gets selected and changes its background color. You can see a selected layer in the following screenshot. Note that I disabled all non-functional widgets (the entry, sliders, buttons…) for now, so this isn’t the final look.

Selected video layer

This work builds the base for more nice stuff like drag and drop layer reordering or menu actions on layers. I’ll cover these in the next post.


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2 responses to “Selectable layers”

  1. Biel Bestué says :

    this gets better and better

  2. mickfuzz says :

    I’m really happy you have done this. It’s a great step forward!

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