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Advanced Layers for PiTiVi

I’m happy to announce that my project proposal for the summer of code 2012 has been accepted!

I’ll be working on creating an advanced layer system for the PiTiVi video editor under the umbrella of the GStreamer project! Thanks to everyone who helped me!

About my project:

The current approach of layers in PiTiVi does not provide more functionality than grouping video and audio sources in different levels. I want to add an advanced layer system to the PiTiVi video editor to improve the video editing workflow and user experience. This is based on two ideas. On the one hand putting more functionality into layers helps to avoid repetitive tasks like adjusting volume and panning, muting or applying effects to clips. On the other hand improving the management of layers by offering to name, reorder, fold and resize them makes working with layers more convenient.